While the term 'Flow Arts' is not yet a household icon, one of the main props used in the global community is iconic beyond 
its' generation. The HULA HOOP. If you have not seen yet on social media or even in your neighborhood parks, hula hooping's 
comeback has evolved as radically as the rotary phone.  And while much of its' evolution is concentrated in the world of music 
festivals and the various flow workshops hosted by gypsy-flow-artist-masters, there are several people of all walks of life who 
just simply WANNA HOOP!

The benefits of hooping are just to good to not bring this childhood wonder into the hands, hips and hearts of anyone who simply 
wants to feel joy, awaken the body/mind/spirit and simply feel alive!

Book a party for you and your friends (4 friend minimum) and receive the class for FREE as well as a $25 credit towards a custom-made 
hula hoop!