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  • What makes Synchronicity Massage different?
    Synchronicity’s uniqueness lies in the ability to offer and deliver consistently exceptional, therapeutic bodywork/massage at affordable prices while offering a professional atmosphere that is comforting, relaxing, and aesthetically Zen.
  • What are the benefits of your services
    The primary benefits include: stress reduction, pain relief, feeling grounded and harmonically balanced.
  • What some long-term health goals that you help your patients achieve?
    1) Quicker recovery from injuries/sore muscles; 2) mental stability and greater breath awareness; 3) Become more relaxed and integrated human beings.
  • What is your approach towards helping me to achieve my long-term health goals?
    1) Educating and helping clients interpret the messages and language of their body and sharing observations; 2) Being present for each client and addressing their specific needs; 3) Getting to know each client and learning about their lives in relation to how it aids in their healing.
  • How shall I prepare prior for my session?
    It’s best to be H2O hydrated prior to session.  This will heavily increase your body’s ability to process and hold the bodywork effectively.
  • Do you do in-home massage?
    All sessions are performed at the Synchronicity Headquarters at The Workshops 4340 E. Kentucky Ave. #330  Glendale, CO 80246.
  • Do you work with multi populations such as children and older generations?
    Synchronicity does not discriminate against age, gender, social status, occupation, foot odor or un-shaved legs.   Cranial Sacral Therapy and gentle Myofascial Release are excellent therapies to be used on younger and older folks if regular massage is not desired or indicated.
  • Do you do Pre-Natal Massage?
    Pre-natal massage is offered to women in all stages of pregnancy.  Different sized pillows are used to bolster & assist a comfortable side-lying position.  Hot stones and deep pressure are generally contraindicated, however in the event that there is a condition (ex: plantar fasciitis), deep pressure may be used on the feet to help ease symptoms and resolve the condition.
  • May I remain clothed during my session?
    Any and all sessions can be performed with a client fully clothed.  Hot stones can simply be placed on the body if heat is useful for healing. This type of session is great for children, modest folks and people who have experienced trauma on any level.
  • Is it ok to workout/run/exercise after my session?
    Use your best, intuitive judgement.  Generally it is best to rest and relax as your body is utilizing energy to continue to heal and restore your body back to balance.  If it must be done, be mindful of remaining relaxed and breathing deeply.  It can be helpful to take an epsom salt bath prior to sleeping for deeper muscle relaxation.
  • Do you work weekends?
    Synchronicity is available on Saturdays from 9am – 3pm.  You may schedule here!
  • Is it ok to come in if I am sick?
    While massage, essential oils, crystals and energy healing are highly effective in restoring your body back to health and balance, if your illness is in any way contagious or acute, it is best to try apply some home healing remedies and reschedule for another time.  You may read about Synchronicitys’ cancellation policy here.















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