Yinnovative Yoga is a Folkloric, movement medicine experience that weaves in the cultural wisdom of Chinese meridian healing, the ancient philosophy and practices of yoga, and the progressive, therapeutic work of myofascial unwinding.   This anecdotal practice offers students the opportunity to shift deeply into a meditative, reflective, and observatory state, cultivating awareness of their internal world.  This allows for healing of energy blockages within the deeper structures of the body’s joints, fascial system and vital organs as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual mirrors of these blockages.  While poses are usually held for a range of 1-5 minutes, hands-on acupressure is an offering to further enhance energy flow, release tension, and deepen one’s understanding and relationship to oneself on all levels. Each student will walk away having a heightened sense of their body and energy systems from both the experiential and intellectual realms.

Additionally, this practice is a container for the emerging feminine consciousness.  Emphasis is placed on inviting the wisdom of the bodymind to reveal itself through the development of intuition, subtle body listening, slowing down and inviting in softness.  All the while, students are encouraged to dissolve expectation and any agenda of their practice, giving space for mystery, misery, magic or mayhem to surface, holding space for any and all energies that are ready to surface and/or release to do so in the space of compassion and surrender.


~Yinnovative Yoga was birthed from an acceptance of being invited to serve as a liaison in bringing feminine consciousness to this planet.  Tracy is dedicated to guiding those who are ready to discover, cultivate and integrate both aspects of their humanity, thus balancing and healing the sacred feminine and masculine.   The practices are inspired by the synthesis of her 12 years of study and hands-on bodywork therapy, 17 years of personal yoga practice and a variety of countless experiences, courses, workshops, trainings and retreats that she has taken throughout her ‘Earth School’ educational journey.

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