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Yinnovative Yoga

Yinnovative Yoga offers practices that weave together compassion, intuition and intelligent movement to help develop extraordinary awareness both on and off the mat.

Yin for Sweet Dreams Freebie✨

Massage + Bodywork

Experience alignment and freedom in a one-of-a-kind therapeutic, hands-on healing session with Tracy. With 17+ years experience, her professional touch will surpass your expectations. In-person sessions are based in ATX.

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Wanna Hoop?

Learn the basics of hoop dance + experience the magic of the Flow Arts with the timeless hula hoop! No dance experience necessary.

You Know You Wanna! 


Join Tracy on an adventure that will revive your Heart + Spirit! Retreat adventures are a powerful way to explore the world, reset your compass + regain perspective on your life.

I N V I T E  T H E  L I G H T O F

   I N T U I T I O N

There is a way that the Divine communicates with your Soul. It is subtle and often speaks in metaphors + symbols, leaving strong impressions within the feeling layer of your being. This soul resource acts as an energetic compass, bringing the capacity to sense and interpret that which has yet to manifest. Essentially, the voice is ‘reading the field of energy’ as it is, or before it materializes into form. In turn, it shares this information in the form of gut feelings and inner knowing. This voice is called INTUITION. It confronts logic, comfort levels and the rational mind that needs ‘proof’ before believing. Humanity is living in a different Universe now than that of our Elders and previous generations. We are in a time of our evolution where this voice is organically getting louder within us. The source field in which we live is rapidly increasing in psychic energy. The time has come for us to lean into our soul resources, not intellectual, and become equipped in tuning in to our intuition and wielding its’ power. My name is Tracy, and I am here to help shine a light on your capacity to have agency of your own, inherent wisdom + to nurture this precious, inherent resource that will help guide your way towards inner freedom.

About Tracy


In a world that is rapidly changing, we are shifting from a collective naivety that has celebrated extending ourselves, our Earth and our resources into unsustainable territory, leading to a collapse of all things foundational and serious spiritual bankruptcy in the souls + societies of humans. As the Age of Aquarius heralds in the re-construction of a New Earth, never before has the collective tribe been so strongly called to become its’ architects. I believe that we ALL have the capacity to develop the necessary skills needed to contribute to a new, collective reality; one that Reflects Harmony, Embraces Intuition and Embodies Grace. I believe the following to be a priority:: living our affirmations, being in dedicated action, getting resourced + diligent about our healing, embodying compassion, welcoming nurture, tending to nature,  engaging with our tribe, teamwork, PLAY + healthy movement. I believe as we become more aligned in Body, Mind + Spirit and surrender to the healing process + the flow of life with unshakable devotion, we naturally begin to see, feel and think in ways that support new foundations. As we weave + integrate self-care with innovative thinking, this leads to reconstructing a more sustainable, holistic experience for ourselves + our tribe. This is YINNOVATION.

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Experience Deep Peace

Restore + Regenerate your energy + dissolve tension in this home yoga practice. No experience is necessary.