My name is Tracy!

I am a grounded, functional fairy + forever student of Synchronicity, Universal Wisdom + all things Magical.

Work with me!

A little more about me..


Tracy Knowles, Massage Artist!

An illustrious & gentle force, Tracy is a channel of magic, love + healing. She is an intuitive + trained healer in the Arts of Massage, Bodywork, Cranio-sacral therapy, Energy reading + Yoga. 

She is incredibly developed in what Native Americans describe as “the sacred, invisible senses” of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience + clairalience. This makes her a natural mentor, mirror, seer + empath. 

She is passionate + driven to help others in expressing personal sovereignty and becoming confident in trusting their feelings, emotions + intuition. She believes that ‘how you hold to your inner sense of worth + integrity’ is the basis of creating the life that meets your potential + hearts' desires.

She is a creative visionary dancer, yogi, hula hooper, lover of movement arts, novice writer, emotion evoker and inspirer. She radiates truth and can see + reflect the highest potential in others.

Clients + students consistently echo that they feel safe, seen, heard + nurtured when working with Tracy. Co-workers, teachers + collaborators have reflected that she is a 'Sprite' and a positive light who is generous, loving and creative. Those who know her on a deeply personal level know that she is a deep thinker, truth seeker, loves learning about Human Potential, has a quirky sense of humor and does not follow the status quo. Collectively, those whom she connects with often feel lighter after being with her.

Tracy credits the following education + institutes that have predominantly supported her in developing + sharing her gifts with others::

Colorado School of Healing Arts (2004) - 700Hr  Massage Therapist Certification + Aromatherapy

Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado (2006-2017) - Year II Advanced Bodywork Program. Tracy participated in this 14mo program beginning in 2006 and re-audited the full course twice and partially re-audited twice in this span of time. Course work included the 10 Sessions of Integration (Fascial work of Ida Rolf), Acupressure + Joint mobilization. 

Upledger Institute (2010) - Level I Cranio Sacral Therapy

Karma Yoga Center (2011) - 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification

Buffy Barfoot (2012) - 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification

Naiasa Institute (2015-2020) - Co-facilitator, yoga teacher + hula hoop teacher for transformational retreats held in Hawaii, Colorado + Bali.

Gina Caputo of Colorado School of Yoga (2020) - 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training


“If you are a gifted person, it doesn’t mean that you gained something. It means you have something to give back.” - Carl Jung