Magic Elixir - Hot Chagalate!

y'in the kitchen Oct 26, 2020
I originally posted this on Jan 9, 2016 in my blog, Talk Story. As those of you who know me already know, I am a sucker for puns and I love to officiate the marriage of two perfect words, coming together as one. Because I still drink cacao and believe in its' magical + heart opening medicinal properties, I salvaged + revamped the original post as it's still relevant as ever and a great support for upcoming holidays and seasonal transitions! Learn more about the incredibly powerful properties of Chaga Mushrooms HERE.
I source my Cacao from 3rd Eye Elixirs™ here in Austin, TX and highly vouch for their quality, taste + creations! Additionally, I've sourced my chaga mushrooms from Herbs + Arts in Denver, CO and highly recommend The Herb Bar + Earth Commons here in ATX. Check your local herbal supplier if you live elsewhere.


This is one of my Faves and is layered with some of the most nurturing and healing elements on this planet = Chaga Mushrooms & Cacao!!!  This is an incredibly satisfying and deeply nourishing beverage to enjoy.


1/2 cup(ish) Chaga Mushrooms (can get at your local herb shop or online) (Make sure to check with your healthcare professional if you are on any medications and/or experiencing any conditions that chaga may be contraindicated for).

Ceremonial grade Cocao Powder  :: 1-2 Tbsp 

Local honey to taste (an alkaline FOOD) :: small spoonful 

Coconut Oil (my fav is Dr Bronner) :: even smaller spoonful

1/2 to 1 cup of your fav, organic nut milk

Drop of liquid rose concentrate (can find at Natural Grocers, Central Market or Whole Foods) :: optional

Y'in my kitchen, I strongly connect with my intuition and rarely use measuring devices, recipes or step by step directions.  I go with the flow 🙂  In putting together this delicious ensemble of goodness, simply steep a healthy amount of chaga herbs in 2 or more cups of the freshest h20 you can find on a low temp.   (This allows for deep extraction of the medicinal propertea of the herb)!!!  Once steeped and steaming, remove/strain out the chaga root + add approx 1 TBSP of cacao powder per cup of agua as well as your nut milk to your chaga tea concoction. If you happen to be using a Chaga tincture, simply add your cacao blend to hot water + then your tincture drops.  You can play with this amount if desired.  Spoon in a generous portion of delicious, local honey (or another form of sweetener if you’re strictly vegan or have other preferences), and a spoonful of organic, coconut oil.

When all ingredients are dancing together in a steamy, coco-aromatic swirl, either stir your elixir with a spiraling intentions or pour into a blender/ mixer to make it bullet-proof-style. If you go the blended route (hot chaga latte, haaay!), watch in delight as you pour your frothy cup of goodness into your most delightful, cherished vessel! Offer a prayer to the Earth, toast to all that warms your heart + imbibe the goodness!


Aloha & Enjoy the Magic!


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