'Talk Story' with Robin Correa

talking story live Apr 07, 2021

Episode #1

🌺 I had the opportunity to zoom chat with my dear friend Robin Correa of the Big Island of Hawaii this past weekend. Whatta joy + pleasure to Talk Story with her!

Instead of writing about what Talk Story means, I wanted to hear about it from someone who has marinated in the Hawaii vibes and directly understands the cultural meaning of this term.  

Robin grew up on the Big Island (with the exception of a 12-year gap in Colorado, where we met). She has lived in the state of Aloha most of her life and currently runs and operates her Dad's business, Jay's Custom Cabinets . 🌈. Robin and I met in a BNI group that we were both a part of in Denver, CO. While at an Arbonne party that was thrown by a fellow member, I did a card reading for Robin from an Ascended Masters deck. This deck has representations from cultures and spiritual sects throughout the world. The card I pulled was 'Hina', which is the Hawaiian Goddess of the Moon! Ever since, we pretty much knew that we were kindred spirits and have thankfully maintained our connection throughout the years!

Here are some of my favorite highlights from this conversation:

  • The term 'Hawaii Time' (or Island time) means that if a get together starts at 2pm and you arrive at 3pm, you're on time. Your Hawaii tribe understands that maybe you had to tend to a priority with yourself, your kids, your family, tasks etc. NO PRESSURE FORMAT. 
  • Additionally, you are FREE TO BE YOU with your tribe and still be loved, even if you need help during trying times. Very 'freeing and healing!'
  • Robin describes 'in her own terms' what Talk Story means. I just love that she differentiated what it means to her. Perhaps there are many versions of what it means to Talk Story! 
  • What Talk Story means to Robin: "needing the human connection." To her, this looks like connecting with friends whom she can be human with + bond with and prefers a more, one-on-one dynamic. "It's a huge aspect of my mental health!"
  • Friendship and human connection is a LIFELINE!
  • Trauma can interfere with ones' ability to be open to human connection. This is why the practice of forgiveness is so importantHawaiian Ho'oponopono Prayer
  • Be discerning of who you open up to, you don't have to Talk Story to everyone.
  • You can only teach what you embody - nothing makes 'walking the talk' more real than when you're raising teenagers! 
  • Through our human challenges, we can develop resilience and grow our soul.
  • Learn from your challenges/mistakes/struggles so that you don't repeat the same lesson over and over. 

In summary, while it seems like a simple concept and statement, the reality of these words embodied are priceless...

"Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you." ~ Misty Copeland

This gentle reminder is probably more important now than ever. While we each have different social + connection needs with their own, unique cycles, I believe that this applies to all humans everywhere. Sometimes our need to talk story may not sync with our posse, and so to that I say, I believe it's just as important to Talk Story with the Creator 😇. But when they do sync and you are able to connect with another human, heart-to-heart and as raw + real as you are, there isn't a medicine on the market as potent or perfectly crafted as this.

❤︎ Thanks for tuning in to Episode #1 of Talk Story!  Please feel free to mindfully share any reflections, ideas or perspective in the comments below!


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