Reading Between the Lines

Recently at a dinner party, I engaged in some exploratory conversation with friends-of-friends who I had just met. One of them had asked about my entrepreneurial pursuits in my bodywork practice. As I shared, I divulged a theory that I've curiously thought about for years about our fascial system and how it functions in similar ways to other systems we see in nature.

In a world of comparisons, my 'intellectual side' paled in comparison to this gentlemen's clear, laser sharp mind and acumen. Even so, I genuinely shared my perspective that was devoid of any 'scientific proof' and exclusively born through intuition.

It's interesting to note that as I was sharing, I found it difficult to access my 'inner knowing' in a clear manner. It's as if there was an interruption to my thought process that made it difficult to articulate my thoughts. This accentuated a feeling of insecurity around my sharing as it was clear that this person highly valued science and appeared to...

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