A Story about Free Will + Intuition

A handful of years ago, 5 1/2 to be exact, I was invited to accompany a new friend of mine on a 4-day Shamanic retreat in New Mexico. My friend confided that the feeling to extend the invitation for me to join him was rather unusual. He had been going to these retreats and studying with his teacher for years and he rarely mixed his friendship and spiritual worlds together. Apparently, the sense was so strong for him that he even offered to pay a portion on loan for me. I said yes to it all and off we went.

Several months prior, this same friend had given me the book Awaken the Inner Shaman: A Guide to the Power Path of the Heart by Jose Stevens. Jose was my friend's teacher. I was so inspired by this book that I had incorporated parts of what I was learning into a workshop that I held earlier that year. Really, really good stuff.

The retreat was held at Eagle Bear, which is a remote piece of land about an hour or so outside of Santa Fe. At the time of my visit, there...

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Living in Synchronicity

synchronicity life Jul 15, 2020

Here I share a little perspective on what it means to Live in Synchronicity. Have a listen!

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Receiving M E R I T

synchronicity life Jul 15, 2020

This morning I followed the vision I received to walk to Merit coffee in downtown Austin and received an unexpected gift and powerful reminder of the healing process.  Have a listen!


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