Blueberry Buckwheat Bread - GF/V

y'in the kitchen Mar 18, 2021

Greetings! Experimental chef here!

Because I don't always plaaaaaaan for what my pallet might desire at any given moment, I was super delighted to find a recipe online that I happened to have ALL of the ingredients for! Well, almost... For those who insist that baking is an EXACT science, well, I'm not a baking expert, but I modified this recipe a smidge and it was a total hit with my husband and his landscaping crew! That's enough 'science' for me!

I found this recipe from Spoon With Me and!!! My version turned out cornbread-esque, which I looooooved. I only had 3 bananas vs. 4 and only added about 1/4 of the sugar. As well, I've been vibing on cream of buckwheat cereal as of late and decided to Vitamix the cereal into flour. I didn't blend it into a fine powder (which you can). This is why/how it had a cornbread-ish texture. It was so yum I had to share!!!

This makes a great breakfast bread + afternoon snack!

Enjoy friends!

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Magic Elixir - Hot Chagalate!

y'in the kitchen Oct 26, 2020
I originally posted this on Jan 9, 2016 in my blog, Talk Story. As those of you who know me already know, I am a sucker for puns and I love to officiate the marriage of two perfect words, coming together as one. Because I still drink cacao and believe in its' magical + heart opening medicinal properties, I salvaged + revamped the original post as it's still relevant as ever and a great support for upcoming holidays and seasonal transitions! Learn more about the incredibly powerful properties of Chaga Mushrooms HERE.
I source my Cacao from 3rd Eye Elixirs™ here in Austin, TX and highly vouch for their quality, taste + creations! Additionally, I've sourced my chaga mushrooms from Herbs + Arts in Denver, CO and highly recommend The Herb Bar + Earth Commons here in ATX. Check your local herbal supplier if you live elsewhere.


This is one of my Faves and is layered with some of the most nurturing and healing elements on...
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Veggie Pasta with Stuffed Mushrooms + Zucchini Noodles

y'in the kitchen Oct 06, 2020

I am a mad scientist/amatuer culinary artist in the kitchen. I measure in pinches (taste-testing predominantly) + rarely read recipes. If I do, I barely read them in full. Perhaps it's a patience issue, but I prefer to allow my imagination + creativity take the lead. As I was checking out at the grocery store the other day, an image on the cover of a food magazine caught my eye. It had roasted baby tomatoes, macaroni pasta + veggies, all coated in a thickened tomato paste-like sauce. All I needed was one glance to spark my imagination of how to create my own version at home. I gotta say, it turned out scrumptious! And while my husband usually loves what I cook, he doesn't love leftovers. BUT.. he ended up liking this meal so much that he took it for lunch the next day. Win! 

So here it is folks! This dish can be made sans (without) the gluten or dairy. See recipe below.

Stuffed Mushrooms::

Preheat oven to 375' F

  • Small block of melted Earth Balance
  • 1...
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