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Yoga as a path to Freedom

The Universal teachings of Yoga offer extraordinary insights into how to live in a state of freedom.

In discovering the space between our patterned self + true self, we become aware of the possibility to choose our own way.

We can become free of the egoic constraints that narrow our vision + vitality, leading us to believe that we are bound to aging in withering bodies and spirits.

Quite the contrary, we are vessels of light +  extraordinary potential  when given the proper resources. 

Yoga gifts us the tools to become self-resourced in all of the layers that we are comprised of; Physical, Energetic, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual + Spiritual. 

Join me on this 30-day embodiment journey to explore, embrace + anchor in the medicine of Yoga and see for yourself just how transformative this practice can be.


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"Home Sadhãnã has transformed my relationship with home practice. At 30 minutes, it was easy to fit into my schedule consistently. And the level of the practice was challenging, yet inviting, and made my progress over the weeks obvious -- more strength and calm. I love how Tracy weaves the yogic teachings and explains the connections between the movements and the particular focus of the day. I can't say enough about the benefits and joy of this practice. Thank you Tracy!!"

-Cortney Holles

Yin for Sweet Dreams

Please enjoy this free, guided yin practice as my thank you for staying connected and tuned in to Synchronicity✨

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