Moons + Meridians

This bi-moonthly Yinnovative yoga practice offers a space to support the exploration of our inner rhythms + evolution as they relate to the influencing cycles of the Moon.  


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"Heaven is covered with constellations, Earth with waterways, and man with channels."

- Yellow Emperors Canon of Medicine

'As Above, So Below...'

... is a reminder that we are reflections of both nature and the mysterious, heavenly cosmos. Our own heartbeat is connected to the same pulse + rhythm that spins the Earth on her axis and ushers the transits of the planets through their cycles. We live in a Living Universe that is as much a part of us as we are of it.

There is irrefutable evidence that our emotional frequencies are directly influenced by Lá Lüna. By tuning in to the natural rhythm of the lunar ebbs and flows, we can connect with our life from a deepened place of authenticity, understanding and alignment. 

This bi-moonthly practice is intended to be a self-care ritual that brings greater harmony, resonance + attunement to your evolving life. This ritual gives the opportunity to lay the energetic groundwork for calling in our potential, being with ourselves as we are, and releasing that which no longer serves.

Plan your-Self Care in 2021

2020 stripped down almost all things 'normal' and revealed that indeed, The Times Are A-Changin... The only security we can count on moving forward is being at peace with change and being proactive in the changes we wish to see.

In this new year, I am making the commitment to intentionally prioritize + plan self-care as a way to nurture and honor my temple, my emotions and my humanity. 

I have found that one of the most effective + nurturing ways to attune my own vessel and frequency is through Yin Yoga. I have also discovered that due to the nature of this slow + nurturing practice, there is an opportunity to have a healing conversation with the subtle body in words, breath, sound + attunement.

It brings me great joy to come together and share this practice with you✨

JOIN ME each New + Full Moon in creating your own, self-care ritual on your mat. We will explore the astrological forecast of each Moon, intuitively attune to her rhythm + wisdom, and most importantly, create space for your innate frequency to be restored.✨

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Annual or Monthly Subscription options available

✨ Receive TWO pre-recorded videos per month to support your evolution + progression

✨ Each video contains a 60-min, therapeutic yin yoga practice

✨ Receive fresh content with each video about the Moon forecast + influences

✨Learn the emotional correlations to the Moons + Meridians

✨Learn Meridian tapping + tracing to clear blockages and encourage energy flow

✨ Beautiful, downloadable journal templates to archive and reflect on your Moon intentions + rhythms each month

✨ BONUS! Invitation to connect on Moons + Meridians private FB group where I post live videos, articles and various musings for support, encouragement + inspiration!




✨The ultimate M + M self-care structure to nurture + co-create your 2021 evolution!

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The ultimate M + M self-care structure to nurture + co-create your 2021 evolution...

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✨Receive a Moons + Meridians yin yoga practice to support your evolution

✨ Receive a beauty-full journal template download to archive and reflect on your New or Full Moon intentions + rhythms

✨ Drop-in for any New or Full moon practice throughout the year. No commitments


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