Moons + Meridians 2022

This bi-moonthly Yinnovative yoga practice offers a space to support the exploration of your inner rhythms + evolution as they relate to the influencing cycles of the celestial Moons.

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✨ Classes will be offered twice monthly on or near the New + Full Moons 

✨ Each practice with be a 75-min, therapeutic yin yoga practice

✨Learn the emotional correlations to the Moons + Meridians

✨Learn Meridian tapping + tracing to clear blockages and encourage energy flow

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"Heaven is covered with constellations, Earth with waterways, and man with channels."

- Yellow Emperors Canon of Medicine

The Magic of Moons + Meridians

'As Above, So Below...'

... is a reminder that we are reflections of both nature and the mysterious, heavenly cosmos. Our own heartbeat is connected to the same pulse + rhythm that spins the Earth on her axis and ushers the transits of the planets through their cycles. We live in a Living Universe that is as much a part of us as we are of it.

It is well known by astrologers that the Moon represents our mind and emotions. It is also well known that the gravitation of the Moon is strongest at the New + Full Moon junctures. There is irrefutable evidence that our mental and emotional temperaments are directly influenced by Lá Lüna. Coincidence? 

When we invite embodied ritual into our lives in synchronization with the New + Full Moon, we can borrow the energy of the celestial spotlight as a resource to refine + polish our temperaments and ground into a more aligned and authentic version of our self.

Moons + Meridians offers an opportunity for self-care and self-inquiry through the lens of the 12 astrological archetypes, also known as the 12 Cosmic Soul Patterns. In this Yin Yoga practice, we invite surrender, stillness and non-resistance to our experience. Poses are held for a period of time (1-5 mins) to support the unwinding of tension in the fascia matrix and the even distribution of energy throughout the meridian pathways. This ritual gives the opportunity to lay the energetic groundwork for living with greater harmony, balance + resilience in your evolving life.

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In 2021, I initiated a new offering that was an exploration of the relationship between the 12 celestial Moon bodies and the corresponding energy channels within the human body. This was a Beta offering for all intents and purposes, and the resulting content is 24, pre-recorded yin yoga practices that will be available for you to enjoy for FREE throughout 2022! Shuttle access to YouTube below...

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