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Flow state is a function of our allowance to be completely absorbed in something that we are learning to become one with. Many things can support the experience of F L O W like sports + recreation, meditation, art, music + D A N C E.  I teach the art of hoop dance to those who seek to learn the basics of hula hooping with some fun, hypnotic moves to ignite a flow state.  Joy abounds and Spirits lift when playing with the timeless, whirling dervish portal known as the hula hoop. 



Hula Hooping is more than a workout...

Hoop Dance is for the Body, Mind + Spirit! The benefits are just too good to not bring this childhood wonder into the hands, hips and hearts of anyone who simply wants to feel JOYFULLY ALIVE, STRONG + CONFIDENT!


Some of the many benefits include:


Learn the art of Hoop Dance

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Enjoy this little snippet of what to expect from the FUNdamentals of Hoop Dance course!

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Cadence Clare Feely, Badass Photographer + Hoopdancer

"Tracy has a gentle and inviting approach that melts away any intimidation when picking up a hoop for the first time. Her sweet energy creates a fun learning environment, and her in-depth knowledge of the hoop allows for moves and flows to be broken down in an easeful way. I would highly recommend her class to folks looking to expand their hoop dance skills and feel uplifted at the same time!"

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