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Yinnovative Yoga is a slow, therapeutic somatic experience that weaves in the cultural wisdom of Chinese meridian healing, the ancient philosophy and practices of yoga, and the progressive, therapeutic work of myofascial unwinding.  This anecdotal practice offers students the opportunity to shift deeply into a meditative, reflective, and observatory state, cultivating awareness of their internal world through holding poses, or ‘shapes’ for a safe amount of time.  Emphasis is also placed on inviting the wisdom of the bodymind to reveal itself through the development of intuition, subtle body listening, slowing down and inviting in softness. These are all virtues of the feminine/yin nature of self, hence, YINnovative Yoga.  Students are encouraged to dissolve expectation and any agenda of their practice, giving space for the mystery to unfold gracefully, without judgement or resistance; to be with what is, as it is, with allowance and acceptance.
“It is not enough to just know information.  It requires more than knowing with only your mind.  You have to be able to get into your breath and the energies of your body to make something happen.”
~Drunvalo Melchizedek

Current Yoga Offerings:

Moons + Meridians (Online)

A Bi-monthly, LIVE (via Zoom) yin yoga practice that synchronizes with the New + Full Moon cycles throughout 2022. Learn more HERE.

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Yoga with Tracy

(In Person)


Tuesdays 6:45-8P YIN YOGA at 3rd Eye Meditation Lounge

Thursdays 9-10A INTEGRATED VINYASA™️ YOGA at Shuniya Yoga Collective

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30 Day Home Sãdhãna (Online)

Coming in 2022 (Exact date TBA).

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Home Sãdhãna

30 Days to Develop or

Re-Define your hOMe Yoga Practice

Join Tracy for this Fall for a transformational journey that weaves Yoga Philosophy with Integrative Vinygasa™ style yoga flows for a well-rounded and deeply activating experience that will support you both on and off the mat.

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Tracy's Yoga Bio

An illustrious and gentle force, Tracy is a healer and yogi to her core. Currently in her 17th year as a massage therapist/bodyworker and 10th year as a yoga teacher, she continues to witness the synergy of her crafts and the importance of their combined effects. For Tracy, hands on healing appeals to her compassionate nature and love for supporting others to receive and feel a resounding sense of peace and ease. Teaching yoga appeals to her steadfast belief that each individual must take ownership for their state of being and that they must have an invested interest in their personal evolution for true healing and wholeness to transpire. In massage, one can learn to surrender. In yoga, one must learn to show up. 
Tracy completed two, 200 hour YTT trainings in Denver, CO in 2011-2013 and completed her 500hr YTT certification in 2020 with Gina Caputo, Founder of Colorado School of Yoga and Integrative Vinyasa™️ Yoga. Additionally, she studied Dao Yin and completed her yin yoga training with Mike Ninomiya in 2015 in Denver, CO.

Integrated Vinyasa™️ Yoga

Created by Internationally loved yoga teacher, Gina Caputo of Boulder, CO, “Integrated Vinyasa™ Yoga is a practice rooted in intelligent, natural evolutionary patterns and emphasizes the subtle inner work we access via our physical bodies and movement. Classes integrate the polarities of alignment and flow, anatomy and energetics, science and philosophy, engagement and relaxation, outer and inner, focus and release, structure and spontaneity, tradition and evolution and work and play. More than simply a style of yoga, Integrated Vinyasa™ illuminates our wholeness, our relationship to Nature, and an energetically sustainable approach to living fully.”

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